The French presidential result will be the ultimate judge of a rousing Socialist primary campaign. (Policy Network ‘State of the Left’, October 2011). Also available in German (PDF).

The muddled nature of the French President’s remarks on multiculturalism can only destabilise the already fragile social and cultural fabric of French society. (Policy Network ‘State of the Left’, March 2011).

While many commentators are quick to point out that Marine Le Pen is only her father’s daughter, and that nothing fundamental will change within the Front national (FN), her election as party president has already given rise to more concern than reassurance. (Policy Network ‘State of the Left’, February 2011).

A general study on the French Socialist Party published in Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft, Berlin, 4/2010, p. 115-143.

In almost every country in Europe, Social Democratic parties are defeated by a liberal-conservative right. A significant part of their once voters (those coming from working class for example) now vote for extreme right or populist parties. This paper tries to answer this question : How the European Social Democracy could regain the popular vote ? (FEPS Brussels Seminar, March 16, 2010).

April 21st, 2002 : Lionel Jospin, the French Prime Minister and the Socialist candidate to the presidential election is defeated after the 1st round. Jacques Chirac, the President, and Jean-Marie Le Pen, the long-time leader of the French far right remain on the ring. For the 1st time since 1969, the French left doesn’t participate in the 2nd round of the election. This paper intends to answer this question : How this could have happened ? (OpenDemocracy, August 6, 2002).

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